Events & Achievments

September 2014
Flow Assurance Study for Hilba Wells to NEEM FPF for GNPOC, Sudan

August 2014
Design & Detailed Enginering for Provision of EPCC Services for Sufyan EPF Project for Petro-Energy E&P Co. Ltd / PSI, Sudan

April 2014
Engineering Service Contract has been awarded by TAAM Engineering company for Zubair Oil Field Development Project (Manifolds Installation) for ZFOD, Iraq.

Provision of EPCC for Hadida Diesel Station Project has been awarded by PSI, Sudan for Petro Energy.

Field Surface facilities for block 17 have been awarded by PSI for Staroil.
November 2013
PMC Contract for Petro-energy is renewed for another four years.
July 2013
Has been awarded Design, Consultancy, Supervision and Site Management Services for Construction of New Generation Power Tiller Manufacturing unit and Product Development Centre at Valiyavelicham, Kannur, Kerala For KAMCO, India
April 2013
Signed Engineering Services Contract with Petroneeds Service International, Sudan
June 2012
Contract awarded for the Provision of General Engineering Services (GES) for Upstream Development Project for GNPOC for the period of 2012-2015.
March 2011
Galfar has awarded the Engineering Management for EPC of Produced Water Treatment at Satah FFD ZADCO Abu Dhabi.
February 2011
Detailed engineering of FIP-5 for new flare system, Instrument Air Package etc of GNPOC awarded by Star Contracting.
November 2010
3 Storage depots engineered by JPEC for PMSL has been commissioned.
August 2010
Started Basic and Detailed design for 300 MMSCFD fuel gas treatment Facility to Public Electricity Corporation –Yemen.
May 2010
PMC Contract for Petro-energy is renewed for another two years.
April 2010
Petro Energy PMC - Delivery of most Long Lead items completed for Petro Energy. Power supply to Baleela Base camp project completed.
January 2010
Petro Energy PMC - Detail Design Completion for CPF Expansion and De-bottle neck project for Petro Energy and Ware House extension project completed for Petro Energy
November 2009
Petro-Energy PMC - Long Lead Items order placement completed for Petro Energy.
August 2009
Petro Energy PMC - EPCC contract signed for FNE FPF, Jake FPF, Power Plant, Power Supply, FSF and Transit line, CPF Expansion and De-bottle neck projects.
August 2009
Petro- Energy PMC - PMC Contract with Petro Energy is renewed up to 31st July 2011.
July 2009
YLNG Phase II Construction Project Started for SEPOC. Petro-Energy PMC - EPCC contract signed for KEY I FPF project for Petro Energy Sudan.
June 2009
JPEC was awarded ISO 9001-2008 Certification.
June 2009
SEPOC successfully commissioned the YLNG Phase1 project, under JPs Project Managemnt. Gas delivered to Belhaf for the LNG plant through the main pipe line.
June 2009
Construction Management , Engineering Services and Detailed engineering contract with SEPOC is renewed till 31st December 2010.
January 2009
Petro-Energy PMC in Sudan - Completed basis design and Issue of ITB for Phase III projects worth of USD 450 million.
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