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Projects in Sudan

Petro-Energy E & P Company (PMC)
CPF Storage Tank Expansion-3 Nos 47mX17m dia floating roof tanks- capacity 20,000 m3 and 5 Nos, 400 m3/Hr pumps with custody metering station.- Completed in May-08

Gas Gathering & Gas Lift project- Gas Gathering from 2 wells, treatment and inject back to reservoir.- Completed in Jul- 08

Pilot Water Injection Project- Pilot Project to dispose the produced water by injection to reservoir.- Completed in May-08

Associated Gas Recovery and Gas Injection.- 4 Nos High Pressure Compressor (90 bar) and pipelines to compress 7 MMSCFD associated gas to be recovered, treated and re-injected.- Completed in Nov-09

Phase 3 Expansion, Keyi FPF- Two trains of light / medium crude oil treatment facilities, each consists of 1st stage separators- Completed

Phase 3 Expansion, Jake FPF- Two trains of light crude oil treatment facilities, each consists of 1st stage separators, heat exchangers and second stage separators- Completed

Phase 3 Expansion, FNE- Two trains of heavy crude treatment facilities consisting of crude heat exchangers & degassers- Completed

Phase 3 Expansion, Filed Surface Facilities- Construction of flow lines, OGM, trunk lines, transit lines, gas injection / gas lift trunk lines & flow lines, water injection flow lines for Jake (18 wells- 2 OGM)- Under Construction

Phase 3 Expansion, Power Plant and Transmission Facilities-11 KV sub-station in the Central Processing Facilities at Fula.- Under Construction

Phase 3 Expansion, CPF De-bottlenecking and Expansion- Design capacity: 30,000 BOPD with 50% water cut. Two trains of heavy crude treatment facilities consisting of crude heat exchangers °assers.- Under Construction

Phase 3 Expansion, CPF Tank Expansion-2 x 50,000 m3 floating roof tanks for light crude storage, crude heating facilities with metering station- Completed in Dec-08

Phase 4Expansion Hadida- Basic Design, Detailed Design, Procurement and Construction for Hadida Field Development Projects-Under Progress

White Nile Petroleum Operating Company (WNPOC)
Integrated Electrical System Study - Carry out entire electrical system study for WNPOC, Thar Jath using specialized software ETAP - Completed

Petronas Marketing Sudan Ltd (PMSL)
Basic Design and Detailed Engineering using PDMS - Jet Fuel & Gasoline Fuel Depots - Storage, Loading/unloading and distribution of Jet Fuel and Gasoline for UN in 3 locations - Completed

Nile Star/Star Contracting - A leading EPCC company in Sudan(NS/SC)
Basic Design and Detailed Engineering for Field Surface Facilities for Petrodar Operating Company for 70 well heads, OGM and Associated Pipelines – Completed in Nov-11

Detailed Engineering for FIP-5-Projects consist of De-sander cyclones, Storage Facilities modification, Relief system modification with new Flare System and new Instrument air facility.-Completed

Hegleig Petroleum - A Leading EPCC Company in Sudan (HP)
Basic design, & Detailed design, procurement services and construction management for all the EPCC Jobs. Including Pre-Bid engineering for EPCC Bid - continuing

Greater Nile Petroleum Operation Company Ltd Sudan (GNPOC)
Contract awarded for the Provision of General Engineering Services (GES) for Upstream Development Project for GNPOC for the period of 2012-2015.

FEED for Upgradation of Neem FPF to CPF & Pipeline from Neem Facilities to Tie-in to Existing BV-2 Main Export Pipeline-Completed in Dec 2013

Flow Assurance Study for Hilba Wells to NEEM FPF

Petro-Energy E & P Company/PSI
Field Surface Facilities Project- Provision of Detailed Engineering Services for Water Injection, utility Water Wellhead, Gas Injection Wellheads, Heavy Crude Oil wellheads, Light oil OGM, Heavy Oil OGM, Water Injection Manifold & Gas Injection Manifold & Overhead transmission Line.-Started in March -2013 and continuing

Design & Detailed Enginering for Provision of EPCC Services for Sufyan EPF Project

Flow assurance study for Hilba wells to Neem FPF
The Scope of this project is to carry out study with different options for the following and suggest suitable recommended options.

Collect the Hilba Crude Oil at new OGM (tagged as OGM-15) through the flow lines from the wellheads.

Transport the 2,000 BLPD crude oil directly via a new proposed approx. 17 km pipeline fromOGM-15 to tie-in to the existingNeemField Processing Facilities using Pumps.

Provision of EPCC for Field Surface Facilities for Sufyan OGM-3

Basic Design & Detail Engineering for Rawat FSF Project
Pre-commissioning procedures requiredfor safe and timely commissioning of 11 kV overhead power transmission line with related facilities.

Basic Engineering Design For the RPOC Power Plant
The scope for the Basic Engineering Design of Power Plant will cover the following:

3 nos. Power Generating Unit (2.5 MW each)

1 no. Atmospheric Raw Fuel Crude Oil Feed Tank

1 no. Atmospheric Raw Fuel Crude Oil Buffer Tank

1 no. Raw Fuel Crude Oil Treatment Unit (CTU)

1 no. Treated Fuel Crude Oil storage and 2 nos. Transfer Pumps

1 no. Diesel Fuel Storage and Transfer System consist of 2 nos. Truck Unloading Pumps, 1 no. Storage Tank and 2 nos. Transfer Pumps

Instrument & Utility Air tie-in from EPF Instrument & Utility air distribution (Optional – to be confirmed during detailed engineering)

1 no. Drain system for collecting drains

Portable water tie-in from EPF Portable Water Distribution

Interface and Tie-in works at EPF, FSF system and Export Pipeline system

Basic Engineering Design For the RPOC Export Pipeline
The scope for the Basic Engineering Design of Export Pipeline will cover the following:

Export pumps at EES (2 nos. Multi Stage Centrifugal Pumps Electric Motor Driven)

1 no. Twin Screw Pump Electric Motor Driven for start-up

Export pipeline Pig Launcher (10” x 8”) at EES

Export Pipeline (8”, 85 km approximately)

Export pipeline Pig Receiver (10” x 8”) at HPS

Detailed Engg for Tanks DANEM

Basic Engineering Design For the RPOC EPF Plant
The scope for the Basic Engineering Design of EPF will cover the following:

2 nos. Heater Treater (Fired Type) package

2 nos. Atmospheric Crude Oil Storage Tanks

2 nos. Raw Fuel Crude Oil transfer pumps

1 no. Flare Knockout Drum

2 nos. Knock out Drum Pumps

Engineering Study for RPOC Crude Tie in CPF
The main objective of this project is to carry out the conceptual study for the tie-in of new 8” crude oil export pipeline from Rawat EPF at Al Jabalayn CPF existing facility.

Concept and Basic design for New Pilot W I Plant at Gumry FPF-WO 01
Design and integration of the new Gumry pilot water injection plant.

Develop the Basic Design Package documents, Preparation of comprehensive scope of work and execution schedule for EPCC phase.

Root Cause and Rectifion for W D Pumps SuctonPr Issue at Gumry FPF-WO 02
A .New Pre-treated Water Buffer Tank T-6385

WO 3-DPOC Conversion of Ten (10) Oil Wellheads Facilities to P W Disposal WH Facilities
Conversion of existing oil producer wells to water disposal wells and tie-in to the existing water disposal network at the respective field

MogadebotleneckingEngneering Services EPCC PSI
The objective of this project (Moga FPF Light Crude System De-bottlenecking) is to carry out the debottlenecking of Moga FPF to treat and transport light crude and heavy crude separately

DPOC EPCC Rect. Of Water Disposal Pumps Gumry FPF Dupec
The objective of this project is to carry out the detailed engineering for the rectification of the low suction pressure issue for the existing Water Disposal pumps

The objective of this project is to carry out the Conceptual and Basic Engineering Design for the “SITE ASSESSMENT, TECHNICAL STUDY, CONCEPTUAL & BASIC DESIGN FOR FLARE AND FLARE TIP ADEQUACY AT PALOCH”.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of flow reduction below the minimum flow of 6000BOPD and want to mitigate the impact on the operations.

Basic Engineering Services and Detailed Engineering Design for DPOC Moletta Pump at Moleeta FSF (348 – Juba)
The objective of this project is to revisit the Conceptual design and carry out Basic Engineering Design for upgrading the working philosophy of the existing Pilot Water Injection Pumps P-8315A/B/C/D at Moleeta FPF.

Projects in Yemen

Safer Exploration & Production Operations Co. (SEPOC)

  • HYSYS Simulation Contract for the LPG C5+ recovery Plant and Conversion to LPG recovery Mode - Completed
  • Basic Design and Detailed Engineering - Raydan - CPU 16" New Gas Pipeline - 150 MMSCFD Centrifugal Compressor and 16" 30 kM Pipeline from Raydan to CPU - Completed
  • Basic Design and Detailed Engineering for Conversion of C5+ Recovery plant to LPG Mode - Completed
  • Execution of 165 Tie-in package for the new Gas Processing Plant - Completed
  • Develop Quality Assurance Procedures and Technical Procedures – Completed
  • ITB package for 150 MMSCFD Centrifugal Compressor for Raydan inlet gas to boost the pressure to 1000 psig-Completed.

Projects in United Arab Emirates(UAE)

Karad International FZCO (KARAD)
Pipeline and Civil Detailed engineering (as Subcontract) for GASCO to Yas Island (Aldar) 16" Gas Pipeline - 100% Completed

Projects in India

Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Ltd (KAMCO), India.
Design , Consultancy ,Supervision and Site Management Services for Construction of New Generation Power Tiller Manufacturing unit and Product Development Centre at Valiyavelicham,Kannur,Kerala-In Progress

Kerala State Warehousing Corporation,Kerala
Empaneled as Consultancy Organization in June 2012.
Structural design of foundation for the Godown to be constructed at S.W.Thakazhy.

Cairn Energy, India
Early Gas Production Facility- Dew Point reduction and gas treatment facilities. FEED and detailed Engineering- Completed

Solar Projects
Structural Design for Overhead Solar Panel on National Highway.

4kwh solar powered house in Kerala.

PMC for FGGS for OIL at Baghjan, Assam
The Baghjan field is having huge amount of Non Associated Gas (NAG) potential. To explore these resources one modular Field Gas Gathering Station (FGGS) is to be created. The facility shall include Production and Test Manifolds, Gas /Condensate/Water Separators, Gas Dehydration, Flare system and Effluent Treatment and disposal system along with all the required utilities and auxiliary systems.

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